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Hi. I’m eric.

Here’s my dream: I would like to document you and your family for the rest of your life. Every year. For the rest of your life. Imagine the collection of work that we could build together. We’ll produce a book per year and a compilation after five. A retrospective after ten. After you drop your child off at college, you sit down with a glass of wine and leaf through pages upon pages of a life sublimely documented that not only includes pictures of them and their milestones, but the relationship they share with you… the loud and the quiet, the miraculous and the mundane. All preserved as they embark on the journey of a lifetime

Here is a list of things that I think are awesome: growing most of my own food -have you seen my instagram feed? it’s all my dogs and garden, volleyball – played and coached in college, the bari sax – I was a music major, strawberry shortcake – second only to my apple pie, old beat-up red pickups – I dream of one, water-skiing – taught kids to water ski for years in NH, The Redwall Series – some of my absolute favorite stories in the world, A & J King Artisan Bakers – great friends and phenomenal bakers – I did a book with them called Baking by Hand, pizza – holy crap I could eat pizza for absolutely every meal of the day and die happy, fall – I grew up in New England and fall will forever be the reward I get for enduring summer.

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