Getting ready for your headshooting? Here’s a few guidelines to help steer you in the right direction. You can always call or e-mail me when you start freaking out a couple of days prior to your shoot and you have a pimple. I’ll probably tell you to stop being such a pansy. Best things you can do to prepare? Bring chapstick. Get your sleep. Be sure to stay hydrated. Don’t hit the bars the night before. Most of all, look forward to it – it’s going to be a blast. I promise.


There are no steadfast rules about what to wear and what not to wear though there are definitely certain materials and colors that shoot better than others. In the days of black and white texture was king but now that color is the industry standard, texture takes a back seat to color. What color are your eyes? That’s where you should start. What makes you POP?! Personal preferences steer me away from pastels and the lighter pinks and yellows, but if you have ever put something on and someone has said ‘OMG you look so totally smoking smokerson hotness right now,’ it’d behoove you to bring that top along. Keep in mind that you don’t want a color too close to your skin tone. I suggest medium to darker solid colors like deep blue, green, mahogany, and black… earthtones. Avoid logos, loud prints, and anything seasonal and please steer clear of solid whites unless you have a dark skin tone… and even then, be really careful… the idea is to draw attention TO your face and eyes, not away. Make sure your clothes fit well – generally baggy doesn’t shoot as well as things that are fitted. I would recommend bringing in between 8-10 tops, though we’ll shoot in about 3 or 4. Definitely wear comfy shoes for walking around and something comfortable on your legs. Also, if the weather is chilly, make sure you have a warm jacket and a pair of gloves.

Ladies :: Within your selection make sure you have a variety of necklines. Boat, crew, V, spaghetti straps, camis, scoop, and maybe even halter… be sure you bring the right bra[s], too :]. Have a mix of sheer materials, and a variety of tops that highlight your neckline in various ways.

Fellas :: You’re pretty easy. T-shirt, collar shirt, light jacket, rugby, Henley, sweater… layering always works well too. Crew neck, v neck, and button down shirts also translate well… if you don’t know what any of that means, you are hopeless. Make sure your stuff fits how you want it to.


Do your research before you come in. Think about how you want to market yourself and/or how your agent wants to market you. The more specific you can be the better final product we will have. Look at 80 million headshots and decide what you like and what you don’t and figure out why. It’s totally cool with me if you want to bring in some printouts so we can check them out and talk a little bit about them. What type of shot are you looking for? (legit, commercial, tight, portrait, landscape, full body, 3/4ths, character, lifestyle) It’s totally fine if you have no idea – we’ll figure it out – but the more you know, the better.


About 1/3 of the folks on this site had their makeup done by a professional, the rest either wore none or did it themselves. My thoughts about it are this :: having a makeup artist is fun and they can make you look super hot but if you can’t replicate it exactly for your auditions you are up the creek, my friend. You need to look like your pictures when you walk through that audition/office door. I have lists of MUA’s that are great and that I trust for each area that I shoot in regularly and I am happy to pass that along but also remember that you are your own best judge of your appearance. If you do decide to use an artist, make sure you trust him/her and that you’ve had a chance to chat before the shoot and to talk about what you like and don’t like. You are marketing yourself, not a character you can play. People that wear too much makeup in their headshots look like they’re hiding. It conveys a sense of insecurity that should not be there.


Please, please, please make sure you speak up during the shoot. These photos are important and getting them right matters very much to me. No stress allowed! Make sure you let me know if you need something in particular to get the shot that you want. If you’re not feeling a certain location or outfit, speak up. If you want me to shut up, tell me. I promise I don’t take anything personally. Anything from taking a break, to less/more makeup, to getting some water. Just let me know. I want you to leave the session feeling great and knowing that I shot you at your best.